Take full control of your pixel equipment and move to the next level
We have thought out every detail and designed some functions that may be useful for professionals and those who are just starting their way along the road.
Use the image stabilization function to prevent distortion when the rotation speed changes, or use the poi-to-staff transformer handles to turn the POI into staffs or doublestaffs.
We also have knobs, which are cool for advanced tricks and juggling.

Ignis Pixel are ultra-bright digital poi with the highest resolution

Create sensational, dazzling shows without using fire

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St. Valentine's Day sale
Posted 2 weeks ago
Terms and conditions for the february's 2-week sale: buy two - get a discount for the second set.
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Choosing a pixel staff
Posted 3 weeks ago
Find out how to choose right length and how to choose right among the all variety of Ignis staffs, what's the difference between the models.
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Smart-Basic-Ultimate, Jellypoi-BubblePoi - what's the difference
Posted 2 months ago
Read to clear out the difference between Ignis application props: BubblePoi and …
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Layaway option - 30% of the price
Posted 3 months ago
Pay 30% of the whole price - keep the discount for another 3 months.
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