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Ignis Pixel are ultra-bright digital poi with the highest resolution

Create sensational, dazzling shows without using fire

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The world's highest resolution
up to 256 pixels
LED density spacing
2.15 mm, record-breaking
Rendering frequency
2,600 rows per second, record-breaking
Maximum brightness considerably brighter than fire
Digital poi by Ignis

Ignis Pixel are professional poi with the highest resolution available on the market, developed by Russian engineers in Ignis company.

With Ignis Pixel you will expand your creative limits, reach new skill levels, and create brilliant shows that surpass expectations of audience. The key to success is simple: with digital poi Ignis Pixel your LED's performance will be No.1.

Digital poi are LED sticks that draw custom pictures in the air. They become the powerful tool for creating dazzling visual performances.
Four technological records
We are absolute leaders in pixel equipment technology
How it works
Performers spin digital poi and make juggling tricks with them.
Human eye has visual inertia called Persistence of Vision (POV). It allows to see trails of poi in motion.
Poi’s LEDs change their brightness and color at certain moments and hereby draw picture in the trail of poi that is visible for human eye.
Any custom pictures and photos can be loaded into the poi from computer through USB.

Choose your digital poi Ignis Pixel

Ignis Pixel 200 HD (400 LEDs)
Full-size high-resolution LED poi set for large-scale shows
Ignis Pixel 80 Long (160 LEDs)
Bright full-size LED poi set for amateurs and professionals
Ignis Pixel 32 Tech (64 LEDs)
Short affordable digital poi set for beginners and professional artists
Ignis Pixel 256 HD (512 LEDs)
Extra-long digital poi set with highest resolution in the world
Ignis Pixel 80 HD Tech (160 LEDs)
Best short digital poi set for professionals and technically advanced trick lovers
Ignis Pixel 144 HD (288 LEDs)
Mid-size LED poi set that is also suitable for kids and easily transformed into a doublestaff
Ignis Pixel 48 Lite (96 LEDs)
Affordable and bright mid-size digital poi set for amateurs and professionals
Pixel Staff Connector Lite
Poi-to-staff transformer handle. Helps to transform LED poi into a pixel staff or a doublestaff.
Ignis Pixel Dragon Staff 32 Tech
Collapsible pixel LED Dragon Staff
Pixel Staff Connector Pro
Poi-to-staff transformer handle with upgraded threaded connection. Helps to turn LED poi into a staff in 30 seconds.
Wireless control option
Add to your poi wireless control option for remote sync start with the music and full sync control
Ignis Pixel 32 Tech Combo Pack (64 LEDs)
2 digital pois with wireless option, Staff Connector, Training Dummy pois
Ignis Pixel Dragon Staff 32 Tech Combo Pack
Set 3 in 1: Dragon staff, digital poi and double staff
Ignis Pixel Doublestaff 80 HD Tech
High resolution pixel double staff. 2 in 1: can be turned into 2 sets of digital poi
Levitation Wand Ignis Pixel 80 Long (160 LEDs)
Affordable and bright levitation pixel wand for magic shows
Levitation Wand Ignis Pixel 200 HD (400 LEDs)
Pixel levitation stick with photographic resolution
Levitation Wand Ignis Pixel 256 HD (512 LEDs)
Pixel levitation stick with the highest resolution in the world
Knob poi handles + Flowcord
Add to your poi knob handles+flowcord for advanced tricks and juggling
Image stabilization option
Add to your poi stretching and position stabilization
Training Dummy poi
Practice poi with weight and size as original digital poi.
Ignis Pixel Nunchaku 32 Tech
Bright pixel nunchucks that can be easily transformed into poi
Ignis Pixel Nunchaku 48 Lite (96 LEDs)
Pixel nunchucks with poi loops for amateurs and professionals
Ignis Pixel Nunchaku 80 HD Tech
Short pixel nunchucks with poi loops and the highest resolution in the world
Hi-range remote control unit
For sync start with the music at big performances
DMX control unit
Embed Ignis Pixel into your DMX system for sync start and custom control
New option — image stabilization:
Spin slowly spin quickly – picture in the air will stable and same size. Ask for details in chat
available for models 144 HD, 200 HD, 256 HD
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Ignis Pixel
Polycarbonate body as strong as a police shield
High quality LEDs that are used for LED screens
Wireless sync start and full control option
Several hours of rechargeable lithium battery life
Charging poi and loading images through USB
Highest LED density - 2.15 mm
The world's highest resolution - 256 pixels
Reliable, reinforced soldering of all components
Charge indicator working in different modes
Soft loop handles made of hi-quality tubular climbing sling
About the company
Ignis is the world's only manufacturer of digital poi with the 256 dots resolution.
Since 2010, we have been developing and producing professional equipment for fire and LED shows, and delivering it all over the world.
Best performers choosing us
IgnisPixel Poi Yuta Imamura Цирк братьев Запашных
IgnisPixel Poi Sochi2014 Cirque du soleil
IgnisPixel Poi ferrari World Stigma
IgnisPixel Poi Ферджулян шоу Salamandra

2 years warranty, 30-day moneyback

Since we are the manufacturer and full production cycle is located in Russia we can guarantee the highest quality of our pixel props.

This is why we give 2 years warranty for all models of pixel props, 30-day moneyback period and free technical services including free repairs during warranty period. No matter what the problem is, we will fix it.

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