Fans and levisticks

LED levitation wands and pixel fans for amateurs and professionals
Be a magician with Ignis Pixel digital props! You can select your best LED levitation wand — affordable Ignis Pixel 80 Long with basic resolution or Ignis Pixel 256 HD with the world’s highest resolution of 256 pixels. We consulted with top artists who work with levisticks, while creating our levitation wands and rigorously tested all prototypes. That’s helped us to make Ignis levitation sticks not only spectacular, but also well-balanced. You can also try some elements of contact spinning and amaze people with your shows. Note our 4-ray pixel fans – collapsible, of optimal weight and size, programmable, and compatible with our mobile application that allows you to operate and upload pictures from your phone.

Ignis Pixel are ultra-bright digital poi with the highest resolution

Create sensational, dazzling shows without using fire

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