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Ignis Pixel is customizable graphic LED equipment for Flow Arts, Juggling, Rhythmic Gymnastics and various activities

Unleash your creativity with our high-resolution LED props

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Digital poi by Ignis Pixel

Ignis Pixel are professional poi with the highest resolution available on the market, developed in Ignis Pixel company.

With Ignis Pixel you will expand your creative limits, reach new skill levels, and create brilliant shows that surpass expectations of audience. The key to success is simple: with digital poi Ignis Pixel your LED's performance will be No.1.

Digital poi are LED sticks that draw custom pictures in the air. They become the powerful tool for creating dazzling visual performances.
Four technological records
We are absolute leaders in pixel equipment technology
The world's highest resolution
up to 256 pixels
LED density spacing
2.15 mm, record-breaking
Rendering frequency
2,600 rows per second, record-breaking
Maximum brightness considerably brighter than fire
How it works
Performers spin digital poi and make juggling tricks with them.
Human eye has visual inertia called Persistence of Vision (POV). It allows to see trails of poi in motion.
Poi’s LEDs change their brightness and color at certain moments and hereby draw picture in the trail of poi that is visible for human eye.
Any custom pictures and photos can be loaded into the poi from computer through USB.
Ignis Pixel

Polycarbonate body as strong as a police shield

High quality LEDs that are used for LED screens

Wireless sync start and full control option

Several hours of rechargeable lithium battery life

Charging poi and loading images through USB

Highest LED density - 2.15 mm

The world's highest resolution - 256 pixels

Reliable, reinforced soldering of all components

Charge indicator working in different modes

Soft loop handles made of hi-quality tubular climbing sling

Fine-tuning pictures
The software has been developed specifically for Ignis Pixel
Using software you can upload up to 80 images into poi and to create up to 10 timelines (image sequences). Software offers plenty of useful functions and settings:
  • Compatibility with multiple popular image formats (JPEG, PNG, GIF, TIFF, BMP)
  • Automatic smart scaling picture with any size for poi resolution
  • Circular picture preview function
  • Text function to type and show any words in few seconds
  • Timeline function to create a sequence of pictures synchronized with music
  • Brightness adjustment for loading images
  • Picture stretching function with wide range
  • Large stretching values can be used for creating freezelight (light painting) photos
  • Color enhancement function
  • Fast twirling direction setting
Try our software for digital poi on your PC now. It's free.
Time-tested strength and durability
Shock-resistant body
The case of digital poi is made of sturdy polycarbonate. This material is used for police shields and bulletproof vest.
LEDs emit light in all directions (360 degrees)
We use special wide-angle LED technology that gives uniform light distribution in all directions and prevents the appearance of 'black gaps' – dark areas in visual trail - when the poi's LEDs are oriented side to viewers.
Hi-quality LEDs
We use in our poi high-quality light-emitting diodes that is used for LED screens.
Quartz clock precision
Each poi contains quartz clock inside and work with high time precision.
Continuous synchronization
Once synced different poi will stay synced for long time.
Strong soldering
Battery and all critical points have reinforced soldering. You can be sure that regular bumps of poi will not shut down poi, timeline sequence will not reset and your performance will not be disrupted.
Work well even overheated
Ignis digital poi may heat significantly while operating full white with maximum brightness, but they continue to work properly.
Soft convenient loop handles
Loop handles for our digital poi are made of soft tubular climbing sling and thoroughly stitched. Many spinners said that our loops have much less finger irritation in comparison with leather loops.
Quality electronics
We use electronic parts and micro chips provided by trusted American and European manufacturers.
Convenient to use
The design of our poi contains ergonomic, appearance, the way how it feels and user-friendly software and firmware.
We consider everything for you could enjoy using digital poi Ignis Pixel
Control buttons are almost hidden to the surface but easily felt by finger even in the dark
To switch poi on button must be pressed and released between 2 and 4 seconds that practically excludes accidental turning poi on during transportation.
When turned off and then on poi restore the last used mode
Charge through Micro-USB, like mobile phone
Soft thick loops prevent finger irritation in comparison with leather loops
Convenient length (up to 67 cm) and weight (up to 210 g)
Brighter than fire
Spin in the dark. Spin in the twilight. Spin in the daylight.
Maximum light flux from pair of poi is equivalent to incandescent lamp of 300-400 Watts. We recommend to use sunglasses when using the poi at maximum brightness.
Highest clarity and quality of pictures
Draw pictures in the air and melt audience’s minds with the clarity of lines
The Ignis Pixel 256 HD digital poi set world records in three different parameters:
256 pixels
Create the most detailed pictures
LEDs distance
Draw pictures without gaps between LEDs
2600 rows per second
Rendering speed
Get smooth pictures
Dozens of basic patterns
Created by a professional designer specially for digital poi Ignis Pixel
Photos and portraits
Photos and portraits
Any color, font, background, create them in few seconds
Any other images
that you can load into poi
brighter, than the real fire poi
Ignis Pixel 200 HD and 256 HD contain improved high-current battery with the maximum capacity of 3,500 mAh
Long battery life
Full charged battery lasts several hours for most of pictures. Before turning poi off battery indicator shows remaining charge and reminds you to charge your poi if needed.
3500 mAh
01 When charging battery indicator shows current charge level
02 When operating the indicator displays the remaining charge
03 If the poi is left on in select mode it will turn off automatically in 10 minutes
04 If the battery is empty poi shows red blinks signal and turns off
Best performers choose Ignis Pixel
IgnisPixel Poi Yuta Imamura Цирк братьев Запашных
IgnisPixel Poi Sochi2014 Cirque du soleil
IgnisPixel Poi ferrari World Stigma
IgnisPixel Poi Ферджулян шоу Salamandra

1 year warranty, 15-day moneyback

Since we are the manufacturer and full production cycle we can guarantee the highest quality of our pixel props.

This is why we give 1 years warranty for all models of pixel props, 15-day moneyback period and free technical services including free repairs during warranty period. No matter what the problem is, we will fix it.

About the company
Ignis Pixel is the world's only manufacturer of digital poi with the 256 dots resolution.
Since 2010, we have been developing and producing professional equipment for fire and LED shows, and delivering it all over the world.

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