Ignis Pixel Nunchaku 48 Lite (96 LEDs)

Pixel nunchucks with poi loops for amateurs and professionals

Ignis Pixel Nunchaku 48 Lite
(96 LEDs)
Meet new product
First spherical LED poi by shape, weight, and size they are identical to those you get used to.
Set includes

Ignis Pixel Nunchaku 48 Tech are good for rather small performances. These nunchucks are fully programmable. Upload texts, emoji, logos, simple graphic, synchronize your performance scenario with music and adjust up to 10 timelines in convenient software (Windows and MacOS compatible). You can also transform your pixel nunchucks into the LED poi and make your shows more various.

Ignis Pixel Nunchaku 48 Tech are very bright and are noticeable at night, lamplight and even in daylight!

Technical characteristics
Resolution: 48 pixels (96 LEDs)
Rendering speed: 1500 rows/second
Total length of poi: 37 cm (14.6'')
Length of LED part: 24 cm (9.5'')
Weight: 150 g (5.3 oz.)
Working time: 1,5h average; 32 min full white; 4h low brightness
Number of colors: 68 billion (Color depth 36 bit)
Battery capacity: 2600 mAh
The price is for a complete set, which includes:
• Pair of Ignis Pixel Nunchaku 48 Lite (96 LEDs)
• Nylon loop handles with nylon cord
• 2 Micro-USB cable for charging and upload pictures
• 2 USB chargers
• Stylish two-ply bag with soft fleece lining
• Software for Ignis Pixel
• Basic set of images, developed by designer
• User manual (pdf)
Video Demonstration
4 points to be noted while choosing pixel equipment
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The higher resolution the better detaling of a displayed image.
Rendering speed
If rendering speed is not enough, pixel is stretched into a rectangle and an image becomes stretched and distorted

Uploading pictures music, and visual editing timelines (sequences of uploaded pictures)

Software is compatible with Windows and MacOS

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Ignis Pixel

Polycarbonate body as strong as a police shield

High quality LEDs that are used for LED screens

Wireless sync start and full control option

Several hours of rechargeable lithium battery life

Charging poi and loading images through USB

Highest LED density - 2.15 mm

The world's highest resolution - 256 pixels

Reliable, reinforced soldering of all components

Charge indicator working in different modes

Soft loop handles made of hi-quality tubular climbing sling

Awesome staff, always helpful around everything.
I got a lite 48 for nunchaku and poi combo, but got a staff adapter as well. Perfect for small shows or light travel!
And got a long 80 poi with staff adapter. Can only say good things.
Props fell all around the place and still in one piece. Damage is visible but performance is the same! Software is good and easy to handle, sometimes it freezes up unknown if pc or program. People who I spun events for were loving it too! Would recommend Ignis all the way!
These are absolutely incredible, and the best customer service! These will provide years of entertainment for both myself and audience. LED props don't get better quality than this!
I love ur product and so did everyone els when I spin, I would totally recomend everyone get these cuz you will take over the show !!
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cm / g
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Number of LEDs
Total length
LED part length
32 Tech 32 px 64 LEDs
27 cm
16 cm
120 g
48 Lite 48 px 96 LEDs
35 cm
24 cm
140 g
80 HD Tech 80 px 160 LEDs
28 cm
17 cm
120 g
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