Levitation Wand Ignis Pixel 80 Long (160 LEDs)
Affordable and bright levitation pixel wand for magic shows
Levitation Wand 
Ignis Pixel 80 Long 
(160 LEDs)
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Set includes
Levitation Wand 80 Long is a bright levitation stick for different occasions. The resolution of 80 pixels allows to upload text, logos, emoji, graphic and even photos. While creating levitation wands, we consulted with top artists who work with levisticks, and we have made 80 Long easy to handle. This levitation stick is well-balanced. The thread is almost invisible and bearing a swivel preventing it from twisting.

As all our pixel equipment, this levistick is fully programmable. Synchronise your shows with music and adjust up to 10 timelines in our software for Windows and MacOS and perform in any light conditions — we guarantee that your show will be kept in minds for a long time.
Technical characteristics
Resolution: 80 pixels (160 LEDs)
Rendering speed: 1500 rows/second
Total length of poi: 53 cm (20.8'')
Length of LED part: 40 cm (15.9'')
Weight: 210 g (7.4 oz.)
Battery capacity: 2800 mAh
Number of colors: 68 billion (Color depth 36 bit)
Working time: 1,2h average; 24 min full white; 3h low brightness
The price is for a complete set, which includes:
• Levitation Wand Ignis Pixel 80 Long
• 2,5 m (8 feet) long string with swivel and convenient self-tightening loop for finger
• Micro-USB cable for charging and upload pictures
• USB charger
• Stylish two-ply bag with soft fleece lining
• Software for Ignis Pixel
• Basic set of images, developed by designer
• User manual (pdf)
4 points to be noted while choosing pixel equipment
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The higher resolution the better detaling of a displayed image.
Rendering speed
If rendering speed is not enough, pixel is stretched into a rectangle and an image becomes stretched and distorted

Uploading pictures music, and visual editing timelines (sequences of uploaded pictures)

Software is compatible with Windows and MacOS

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Ignis Pixel
Polycarbonate body as strong as a police shield
High quality LEDs that are used for LED screens
Wireless sync start and full control option
Several hours of rechargeable lithium battery life
Charging poi and loading images through USB
Highest LED density - 2.15 mm
The world's highest resolution - 256 pixels
Reliable, reinforced soldering of all components
Charge indicator working in different modes
Soft loop handles made of hi-quality tubular climbing sling
Best performers choose Ignis Pixel
IgnisPixel Poi Yuta Imamura Цирк братьев Запашных
IgnisPixel Poi Sochi2014 Cirque du soleil
IgnisPixel Poi ferrari World Stigma
IgnisPixel Poi Ферджулян шоу Salamandra
IgnisPixel Poi Extravaganza
Compare the models
cm / g
inch / oz
Number of LEDs
Total length
LED part length
80 Long 80 px 160 LEDs
53 cm
40 cm
210 g
200 HD 200 px 400 LEDs
58 cm
46 cm
220 g
256 HD 256 px 512 LEDs
70 cm
55 cm
230 g
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