Ignis Pixel 200 HD (400 LEDs)
2 full-size hi-resolution digital pois
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We have done it again! Ultra high resolution LED digital poi Ignis Pixel 200 HD set one more world record! The world's highest resolution of 200 pixels (400 LEDs) and the highest brightness leaves all the other world digital poi far behind! Such detalization makes recognizable any kind of photos and pictures. Close-ups of persons are drawn in tiniest details and surpass any expectations of the audience!

New tiny LEDs show perfect colors with improved yellow and orange tones that makes pictures on pois sharper, more realistic and colorful.
The length of these pois is 3 cm shorter than the previous model 160 HD that makes them more convenient to use by women and people who are not tall.
Furthermore, we have totally redesigned the hardware and solved all problems you may encountered in the previous generation of our digital poi.

Great money-making tool both for professionals and amateurs. Upload any graphics you need, adjust up to 10 timelines to synchronize your performance scenario with music.

We guarantee that Ignis Pixel 200 HD will make great Wow!-effect on your audience and help you to earn more on your LED shows. Otherwise just return your pois within 30 days and get a refund.
Number of colors: 8.6 billion (Color depth 33 bit)
Working time: up to 4 hours
Weight: 190 g (6.7 oz.)
Length of LED part: 43 сm (16.9'')
Rendering speed: 2600 rows/second
Total length of poi: 55 сm (21.8'')
Resolution: 200 pixels (400 LEDs)
Bay Turner
Absolutely stunning product! By far the most advanced and clear pictures pixel poi out there. If you like to spin staff and poi this'll work in your favor because you're able to connect your poi into staff. Definitely the best top of the line poi you can get, the images are beautiful :) not to mention they have amazing customer service
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