Ignis Pixel 144 HD (288 LEDs)
2 mid-size hi-resolution digital pois
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New mid-size hi-resolution digital pois Ignis Pixel 144 HD are designed for advanced performers. For those who wants both to make great impression to audience and need to perform some of advanced tricks.

New tiny LEDs show perfect colors with improved yellow and orange tones that makes pictures on pois sharper, more realistic and colourful.

Great money-making tool both for professionals and amateurs. Upload any graphics you need, adjust up to 10 timelines to synchronize your performance scenario with music.

We guarantee that Ignis Pixel 144 HD will make great Wow!-effect on your audience and help you to earn more on your LED shows. Otherwise just return your pois within 30 days and get a refund.
Resolution: 144 pixels (288 LEDs)
Rendering speed: 2600 rows/second
Total length of poi: 42 сm (16.5'')
Length of LED part: 31 сm (12.2'')
Weight: 160 g (5.6 oz.)
Working time: up to 3 hours
Michael Zuniga
Not only are these some of the coolest devices I have seen, but the customer service is amazing! The company is based in Moscow and the person I chatted with was very friendly. Overall I am impressed!
Mathias Schmitt
I bought the Pixel Poi HD 160! Quality is really perfect. First i had some problems but customer support is great and they take care about the problems immediatly! I use them every week for different shows, sometimes two or three different shows an evening, but it´s no problem to get different programs on them.
I love my Poi!
Kaitlyn Menet
Amazing!! Truely the most durable and the most advanced LED flow toys out there!! Most definitely worth the money! Ignis is allowing me to advance my performing career and bring even more creativity to performances! Not to mention they respond quick and are always there to help me.
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