My impressions from pixels by Vyacheslav Legion

Well, finally I dropped by Ignis office for my gift – the second set of 80Long I happened to win during the New Year lottery.

Can’t wait to share my thoughts about the advantages of this stuff.

  • Quality of rendering and brightness is up to the mark, although it’s not the top model in Ignis range.
  • Durability – beyond any praise! I dropped the props this way and that, particularly in throws. Neither drops, nor impacts caused any glitches in the program, the joint holds the connector firmly, the props work as if nothing happened. One might think that you can use it as a club, if you find yourself in danger, lol.
  • Software. Everything looks simple and user-friendly. You can even see how an uploaded picture would look in the air. Though I’m far not a tech geek, it took a couple of hours for me to figure out how it works. So, I dare say, it’s accessible for everyone.
  • The guys who develop the props… On the photo on the left is the set I purchased before. On the right – my prize. The charger with one socket, not two. The loops are altered. The company constantly improves and upgrades its product and carefully takes into consideration feedbacks from customers. You can easily get in touch with the guys. They explained on the phone how to upload the pictures into the software. Awesome!   


As now I have two equal staffs from Ignis, I get an opportunity for a step further – into doublestaff category, when you have a staff in each hand. Thus, soon I’m gonna make my spectators happy with a new show program and incredible tricks. By the way, when I was in their office, they gave me a loop to transform poi into nunchaku. I would wait a little with it, however, considering how durable the Ignis props are, I would make fun with nunchaku style, lol.


Anyway, now I’m a lucky duck, and say big thanks to all Ignis!

By Vyacheslav Legion

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