How to film video with pixel/LED poi?

General tips⠀

  1. For the best result make video with moderate light. For outdoors the best time is at sunset in the shadow using green trees as background or within hour after sunset.⠀

  2. If you make video indoors don’t switch off the light. Or highlight person by lamp or flashlight🔦 Otherwise you won’t see person on video.⠀
  3. Use dark or black background.⠀If you use bright background you won’t see poi trails on video.
  4. Don’t forget to clean the lens or you ruin all your effort!!!


1. Camera settings

  1. Select manual mode М on your camera. If you use iPhone we recommend application ProCam (ProCam 5 by Samer Azzam), it costs around 6$. Link:⠀
  2. Choose video with rendering speed 25-30 FPS (frames per second).
  3. Set shutter speed according to rendering speed. For 25 FPS set 1/25 sec, for 30 FPS set 1/30 sec.
  4. Set sensitivity ISO 100 or lower.⠀


2. Try to make video of person who spins poi


3. Adjust brightness for poi trails.


  • Look at the trace after poi on video.⠀
  • If trace looks too bright and colours become white then reduce ISO value.
  • If it looks too dark then increase ISO.


4. Adjust brightness for person and background.

  • After you have found optimal ISO value look at general brightness of person and background.
  • If person looks too dark choose brighter place to shoot video (but don’t forget about background – for best result it should remain dark or black), or you can highlight person by lamp or flashlight.⠀
  • If person looks too bright then choose darker place for video – find darker shadow or wait for sunset.

Try to make video according to this manual and tag #ighowtomakegoodvideo in facebook, instagram or another social for we could see your results and help you to improve it :)


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