Ignis Pixel Doublestaff 80 HD Tech
High resolution pixel double staff. 2 in 1: can be turned into 2 sets of digital poi
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4 points to be noted while choosing pixel equipment
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The higher resolution the better detaling of a displayed image.
Rendering speed
If rendering speed is not enough, pixel is stretched into a rectangle and an image becomes stretched and distorted

Uploading pictures music, and visual editing timelines (sequences of uploaded pictures)

Software is compatible with Windows and MacOS

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Technical characteristics
Resolution: 4x80 pixels (4x160 LEDs)
Rendering speed: 3000 rows/second
Length of LED part: 17 cm (6.8'')
Weight: 350 g (12.4 oz.)
Battery capacity: 4 x 1400 mAh
Number of colors: 68 billion (Color depth 36 bit)
Working time: 2h average; 40 min full white; 5h low brightness
Handle core: Aluminium tube diameter 22 mm
Cover: Sticky grip - suitable for contact spinning.
Total length of staff: 90 cm (35.5'') - can be custom on request
US $1,390
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Set includes
Ignis Pixel Doublestaff 80 HD makes your LED show unforgettable and unique. This is full-size pixel doublestaff with high resolution of 80 pixels for each end. 80 LEDs are mounted with pitch 2,15 mm to each other and allows you to draw in the air not only pictures but also photos with faces of people who are easily recognized by the audience!

This doublestaff can be turned into 2 sets of digital poi 80 HD Tech.
The price is for a complete set, which includes:
• 4 Ignis Pixel 80 HD Tech modules with wireless option
• 2 Pixel Staff Connectors Lite
• 2 pairs of nylon loop handles for poi with nylon cord
• 4 Micro-USB cables for charging and upload pictures
• 4 USB chargers
• Stylish two-ply bag with soft fleece lining
• Software for Ignis Pixel
• Basic set of images, developed by designer
• User manual (pdf)
Ignis Pixel
Polycarbonate body as strong as a police shield
High quality LEDs that are used for LED screens
Wireless sync start and full control option
Several hours of rechargeable lithium battery life
Charging poi and loading images through USB
Highest LED density - 2.15 mm
The world's highest resolution - 256 pixels
Reliable, reinforced soldering of all components
Charge indicator working in different modes
Soft loop handles made of hi-quality tubular climbing sling
Bay Turner
Absolutely stunning product! By far the most advanced and clear pictures pixel poi out there. If you like to spin staff and poi this'll work in your favor because you're able to connect your poi into staff. Definitely the best top of the line poi you can get, the images are beautiful :) not to mention they have amazing customer service
Dave Feillafe
Very happy with my 80HDs! The software is straight forward, the poi are bright, but the most important thing; that pixed density! OMG its so good! 80px in 23cm, so almost 4 pixels per cm! Also the practice poi that i got with them are a real help, that feeling when you slip up with visaul poi and they clash..... now i can practice with out fear of damage to my visuals! THANK YOU IGNIS!!
Kaitlyn Menet
Amazing!! Truely the most durable and the most advanced LED flow toys out there!! Most definitely worth the money! Ignis is allowing me to advance my performing career and bring even more creativity to performances! Not to mention they respond quick and are always there to help me.
I love my staff ,I even want another one w more leds
I'm so looking forward to get mine. This stuff is amazing and the costumer service have been very helpful and nice.
Well done guys.
Very cool product od recommend it. Love the patterns
Johnathon Stratton
from Troy
I got my Ignis pixel doubles staff about 2 months ago. I spent months leading up to purchasing the staff talking closely with Dina, nervous to make the purchase as I had already bought a staff from a famous competing company, and as awesome as it was,, felt it was not quite worth the high ticket price pixel props demand.
I met a fellow staffer at a festival in the fall and we couldnt help but trade props and try out the competition. I gotta say, I fell in love. It was smooth, light, but still heavy enough that it carries momentum, and well balanced even through the add on connecting staff piece.

I was convinced I had to buy it. My next upgrade would be doubles, and I would get them. I went home and a few months later I did the thing. I bought another expensive staff.

Dina walked me through every option, spoke at great length, answer any questions I had. I pulled the trigger and got them, the product took a small time to make, but was to my house within a few weeks, and she even made sure to get it out a little early for me!

My 80 HD came and I was ecstatic. Straight out of the box they came with a set of pre-programmed visuals. The video's were crisp, and clean. The colors were incredibly vibrant. The plastic casing was thick and sturdy. It didnt feel horrible if I happened to drop it. (Still terrifying at first throwing so much money around...literally...) The poi attachment knobs were easy to screw on and off, however thats about as much as I did with them. I'm a staffer first, so as soon as it came in I popped on the staff connector piece and went to town.

Lets talk about the connector for a second. It's made of really sturdy plastic and what looks like strong 3d printed screw in attachment for the pixel poi. It is strong and sturdy through the length of it and doesnt feel like its going to snap if I accidentally hit the wall or all too of the ceiling to hard. Its well balanced, it feels good, and the grip is nice. It's great for spinning, a little light for contact but unlike most of my other staffs, the grip tape grips, doesnt attract dirt, and doesnt fall apart after the first two weeks.

Durability wise this staff is a beast. I won't lie, I am not gentle with my staff. I take it to festivals, it DOES get dropped, sometimes... on the angry, hard, concrete. THAT feels bad... However she always walks away with barely a scratch. I have as of yet had to send it in for repair, the electronics are holding strong after many drops, the grip tape is still sharp, the staff ends have never broken off the connecting piece, which has happened with ever other staff I own.

Battery life is about 2 hours, it honestly depends on what kind of image you are putting up. I feel the bright images with more color use more battery. It recharges at about the same rate, with micro usb cables. Nothing a battery pack at a festival cant fix.

The customization of the images and the program is really where Ignis shines though. While at first the program is a little overwhelming, and the process is a probably little confusing for those not electrically inclined. Once you get the hang of it it is fairly straight forward. You can add any image you want, and even pair it to any beat. It's pretty hard to top that when the majority of led props out there are just color blur's.

Honestly, a top notch product, meant more for the performer than the average consumer. This isnt a prop you get to practice your flow with, this is a prop you use to make a statement. While it is certainly one of the most expensive prop companies, they value is also easily the highest out of any that I have purchased from so far.

Jay Phoenix Stratton
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