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Smart Pad for flying disc

Mod for your flying disc for throw parameters & training stats in mobile app

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Attach Smart Pad to your flying disc and you'll get:
- Training statistics in the mobile app: throw speed and rotational speed of each throw*, training time, flight time, number of throws, spins.

Smart Pad has 1 superbright LED and make your disc visible at night.

*Training statistics are still in beta and may not be accurate. This feature will be improved with firmware updates over-the-air.
Technical characteristics
Resolution: 1 pixels (1 LEDs)
Weight: 6 g (0.21 oz.)
Working time: 2h average
Battery capacity: 40 mAh
Diameter: 27 mm (10.6'')
Charging time: 20 min
Compatible with Mobile App (Android, iPhone)
Clients from 82 countries
Clients from 82 countries
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Approved by champions
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Frequently asked questions
What about warranty?

We give 2 years warranty for all models, 30-day moneyback period and free technical services including free repairs during warranty period. If there is something wrong with your props, please get in touch with our support team by email: support@ignispixel.com

Why do we use 3D printing?
Why do we use 3D printing?

Creating a plastic disc with surficial channels for LEDs is impossible using injection molding, the traditional method of industrial manufacturing. The only way to get such geometry is through additive technologies or 3D printing

Even Elon Musk uses additive technologies (metal 3D printing) in his SuperDraco rocket engine for the Crew Dragon spacecraft to create a complex system of rocket chamber inner cooling channels, because otherwise it’s impossible to make this kind of structure

Built-in image stabilization

The image on the disc will stay the same size independently of spinning speed

Training statistics are collected in the mobile app: training time, time in flight, number of spins and throws made while playing with your disc. You can see a list of your trainings with all the data

Built-in image stabilization Built-in image stabilization
Built-in image stabilization Built-in image stabilization
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