Ignis Pixel JellyPoi 16 (32 LEDs)

First soft digital poi with adjustable weight and uploading pictures from Mobile App

Ignis Pixel JellyPoi 16 (32 LEDs)
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Set includes
Video demonstration
Video Review
Superbright mode
Twice brighter than regular LEDs

Weight adjustment
from 80 gr. to 160 gr.
(2.8-5.6 oz.)

Ignis Pixel Jelly Poi
Patented geometry of casing
First digital poi with soft impact-resistant and safe casing
Casing is made of soft polyurethane which is extremely resistant to damage, scratches and wear
Made by poi spinners for poi spinners
Optimal balance
Adjustable weight is located at the end of poi, that shifts center of gravity to the end and makes these pois ideal for PRO-spinners and advanced tricks
Weight adjustment
Make the weight of your pois ideal by adding or removing some weighting
Convenient knob handles
Мягкий корпус нобов защищает от синяков при бросках
Soft knobs protect your hands from bruises during throwing and juggling
Регулировка веса в пределах 5-35 г позволяет подобрать оптимальный баланс для жонглирования
Weight adjustment within 5-30 gr. (0.2-1.1 oz.) allows to find optimal balance for juggling
Practice and perform

Thanks to soft casing, JellyPoi are extremely shock-resistant

It’s really not easy to break them, so feel free to use them for everyday poi-practice

Any doubts about durability of JellyPoi?
Watch crash test

Motion sensor
(in Smart version)

Built-in image stabilization

Spin slowly, spin quickly – an image in the air will stay the same size and same position

Training statistics in the mobile app: the time of using props, the number of turns, throws, falls, calories spent, etc., made during the entire time working with your poi

Built-in image stabilization Built-in image stabilization
Built-in image stabilization Built-in image stabilization
Ideal for juggling and throws
JellyPoi have optimal balance and center of gravity at the very end of poi. They easily withstand drops from almost any height.
Basic Smart
Battery capacity
800 mAh 900 mAh
Working time
3.5h average; 35 min full white; 10h low brightness 4h average; 40 min full white; 10h low brightness
US $299
US $359
Customer questions & answers
What about warranty?

We give 2 years warranty for all models, 30-day moneyback period and free technical services including free repairs during warranty period. If there is something wrong with your props, please get in touch with our support team by email: support@ignispixel.com

Can I use a mobile phone to operate the device by Bluetooth?

Ignis Pixel mobile application is available for JellyPoi, Fans, Buugengs. Operation is carried out through Bluetooth.

How to film amazing videos with Ignis Pixel props?
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