Ignis Pixel Nunchaku 80 HD Tech
Hi-resolution LED pixel nunchucks with transformer-to-poi handles
LED nunchucks Ignis Pixel 80 HD Tech is first pixel nunchaku with high 80-pixel resolution. 80 LEDs mounted with pitch 2,1 mm to each other and allows you to draw in the air not only pictures but also photos with faces of people who are easily recognized by the audience!

No doubt with Ignis Pixel Nunchaku 80 HD Tech your performance makes a sensation!
Resolution: 80 pixels (160 LEDs)
Rendering speed: 3000 rows/second
Total length of poi: 28 cm (10.5'')
Length of LED part: 17 cm (6.8'')
Weight: 120 g (4.2 oz.)
Working time: up to 4 hours
Number of colors: 8.6 billion (Color depth 33 bit)