Poi Lite
Affordable series of poi with standard 5-mm LEDs
Poi Pro
Hi-End poi with tiny 2-mm LEDs for professional use
Handles to transform poi into staff
Choose your pixel levitation wand
LED pixel nunchucks with transformer-to-poi handles
Ignis Pixel Nunchaku 48 Lite (96 LEDs)
Affordable LED pixel nunchucks with transformer-to-poi handles
LED Nunchaku Ignis Pixel 48 Lite is affordable nunchucks able to draw custom pictures in air. 48 LEDs are mounted on each side as close as possible to each other and create a clear and smooth image. They are 7 cm longer than 32 Tech.
Resolution: 48 pixels (96 LEDs)
Rendering speed: 1500 rows/second
Total length of poi: 35 cm (13.9'')
Length of LED part: 24 cm (9.5'')
Weight: 140 g (5 oz.)
Working time: up to 4 hours