Levitation Wand Ignis Pixel 200 HD (400 LEDs)
Pixel levistick with the highest resolution
Based on the world's record breaking 200-pixel resolution Ignis technology, digital levistick make your show much more interactive and valued.
Ignis Pixel Levitation Wand consists of all top technologies we have. We took one Ignis Pixel 200 HD poi and modified it to become the most awaited prop on the juggling market.

New tiny LEDs show perfect colors with improved yellow and orange tones that makes pictures sharper, more realistic and colorful.
Furthermore, we have totally redesigned the hardware and solved all problems you may encountered in the previous generation of our products.

Great money-making tool both for professionals and amateurs. Upload any graphics you need, adjust up to 10 timelines to synchronize your performance scenario with music.

User friendly software, micro USB charge and PC sync port, 360 degrees visibility, long battery life and very good durability, this is all about Ignis Pixel 200 HD Levistick.
Smooth and customized pictures, high brightness, juicy colors, awesome details - this is what your spectators want to see!
Number of colors: 8.6 billion (Color depth 33 bit)
Rendering speed: 2600 rows/second
Total length of poi: 58 сm (22.8'')
Length of LED part: 46 сm (18.1'')
Weight: 220 g (7.8 oz.)
Working time: up to 3 hours
Resolution: 200 pixels (4000 LEDs)