My first visit to the PoiCon
Have I ever thought that someday I would find myself in a place among the French, the Americans and the Estonians? No, I haven’t. This is an invaluable international experience that I, as a teacher, would like to pass to my students.
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Manual for LED digital poi Ignis Pixel JellyPoi
Dear customer! Thank you for acquiring Ignis pixel equipment. To make its lifetime as long as possible, as well as to keep the warranty valid, please read the instruction entirely and follow our advice.
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How to choose pixel poi?
We know that it’s complicated to choose good and appropriate pixel equipment. Our first advice is to choose us. But seriously, it is a big problem. And we decided t help with this check-list:
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Differences between our pois
We have two main lines of poi — Lite and PRO. Which is to choose? Read this mini-tutorial. Both Lite and PRO have poi of different length — so, you can choose short poi for technically advanced tricks and long poi for big stage shows. ⠀
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